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Development of call-tracking web-service

Alloka is a successful startup call-tracking service that was set up in 2010. Service gives you an opportunity to track the sources and properties of clients’ calls.


The founders of the services wanted to have a call-tracking service that enables you to register, get the personal account and put the unique script on your site that helps you to track the path of the users and see what were the key query they have entered, etc.

Tracking the source of the call

Alloka defines the source of the call with a help of trekking numbers. Site visitors see the different numbers on the web-site but when number is dialed it redirects you to the original number of site owner. The numbers are rotated by revolver principle - first user gets the first number, second user - the second one.

  • Realisation

    The main part of the project was realised on Ruby with Ruby on Rails framework usage. Some parts of functionality that is connected to web-sessions and calls was realised on Perl.

  • All data in one place

    System remembers what number was seen by what user. This feature makes it possible to collect the unique data about every call recieved. You can find out what user was looking for on your website before making a call or what advertisement lead this user to your service.


We worked with ABDesign this project in a deep diving mode in Scrum format. There were no long technical queries or templates, - we worked as one team. In point of fact, ABDesign became our office during the working on pilot version of the project. Yes, we were located in different cities, but we had the same discussions, plannings and online meetings. We’ll be happy to work with this team on other projects in the future.

Alloka service recieved numerous awards during startup events, including WebReady, and secured investments by the Venture foundation The Untitled.

Site of the project

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