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Multiporpose center of Khanty-Mansiisk autonomous district Jugry (KMAD-Jugry) delivers the whole spectre of government services to its clients.
Запущенное на телефоне приложение

MPC KMAD-Jugry, as all MPC in Russia, needed to rennovate its mobile application for customers after rebranding and implementation of new corporate style. Mobile portal of government services where every client can sign up for a meeting with governmental official needed a full update.

The previous version of an app was made fully in style with MPC previous branding.


When MPC was renamed to “My documents”, new guidelines and style were implied. Client needed to change its mobile application to meet the up-to-date stylistics.

Heads and Hands team worked on the previous version of this app with a client before and developed the last minimalistic design. No wonder, it was chosen to create the new mobile version of MPC governmental services.

User-friendly interface

For the new version of the application it was decided to create the most handy user-friendly interface. Heads and Hands improved the suggested stylistics in terms of usability and adapted application to the new versions of iOS and Android. Moreover, the processing speed and speed of an application were also imrpoved.

The list of government services is devided into several sections for customers comfort. Every services has detailed information available with a tap on its name. There is an additional screen to sign up for a meeting with governmental official. All services that are used frequently can be added to favorites list.

Heads and Hands also added a handy statistics tool that shows different MPC centres on map with its current workload.

All government services in your smartphone

Any user of the app can find services needed through the mobile version of a web portal and can also sign up for a meeting or document submission.

To sign up for a meeting customer needs to go through the process of verification with his e-mail or phone number. After submission of contact information the enquiry stays on the customer device. Moreover, the reminder about the meeting goes into the customer’ calendar. Everyone can control his enquiry statuses with push-notification.


Many thanks for productive cooperation and great results. We are hoping to have more projects together in the future
Maria Sigacheva, consultant at LLC "Sistematika"
Project manager
UI/UX Designer
Team lead
Ios Developer
Android developer
Design and project development

Application for MPC KMAD is a mobile version of the United web portal of the service that works for Android and iOS. It suits perfectly all the modern guidelines of Governmental services.

User-friendly native interface of the app and its modern design gives “My documents” service all the opportunities to resolve the customers enquiries in several clicks.

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