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Application that helps you to get home or see the most beautiful draw bridges in Saint-Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg has 13 bridges that can be drawn in summer period. That is why we decided to create an app for the citizens and city guests that will help to navigate you home or see all the beauties of draw bridges while saving time.

All the draw bridges of Saint-Petersburg in one place
Draw bridges timetable

All bridges on the map have the color identification scheme. Green color goes for the bridge being open, yellow - soon will be closed, red - the bridge is drawn at the moment.

Push-notifications about bridge being closed

By tapping a bell icon you can create a reminder to be notified about exact bridge being drawn soon.

Useful information

Every bridge in Saint-Petersburg has a unique history that is worth to check. We added some interesting facts to every bridge and supported it with amazing photos.

Project manager
UI/UX Designer
Team lead
Android developer
Ios Developer
Project design

Application was successfully implemented on Android and iOS (including Apple Watch).

Every citizen and guest of Saint-Petersburg can easily get home at any hour thanks to this application. Everyone can see the mesmerizing view of the city draw bdidges without any problem with navigation through the city.

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