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DOC + is a service for calling a doctor in Moscow and its suburbs for children and adults.

The main challenge was to provide service for clients to interact with doctors in the most handy and operative way.

Choose the preferrable doctors only

After every call patient can evaluate the call and quality of services by several criteria. Every doc has his own rating based on patients’ voting. Such thing is great way to help every patient to choose the right professional.

The history of the doctor calls

All calls can be seen in the history which is stored in the personal user account.

The personal user account

Moreover, every user can call a doctor for anyone from his relatives.

The detailed patient card

For doctors another application for tablets was created. The interface was carefully designed to stay as light and comfortable as possible.


ABDesign really helped us to go mobile with our services. I want to thank them greatly for their proactivness and fast realisation of all the tasks!
Pogrebnyak Maxim, Senior affiliates manager DOC
Project manager
UI/UX Designer
Server developer
IOS developer
Android developer

The application is popular among users from Moscow and its suburbs due to its quick response rate. The doctors from Doc+ are famous to work nicely with children on calls.

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