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Card it Smart

Application that remembers your credit history and helps you to spend money wisely

We needed to develop a mobile app that helps users to pay back for their credit cards and safely stores all the information about their credit history. Moreover, we wanted the app to be able to find the most profitable bank offers and to compare various cards basic parameters like credit limit, percentange of returns and cashbaсk, cash withdrawal fee, etc.


With this app you don’t need to remember the end date of grace period, because Card It Smart will do it for you. All you need is to put the starting date into the app memory and mention the timeframe of grace period. The rest is after the app.


Card it Smart is a very clever app that can evaluate the parameters of your cards and suggest the best card for each situation. Don’t waste your time on conditions’ analysis and forget about looking for best card for money withdrawal outside the country. The app can also suggest you the best card for cashback options.

The app has its’ own badges system for cards. After adding of cards the app compares all of them and shows the card with best parameters as a badge on a main screen.


The safety of credit cards information is a serious deal. The app guards your data with 128 bits encryption and four digits password that you can install upon a wish. If neccessary, user can also send the most valuable information about the card to his relatives or business partners via email or sms.

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