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ZakaZaka - service for food delivery

ZakaZaka - is a handy service for food delivery from restaurants and shops right to your home. The creators of the service think that process of food ordering should be easy and pleasant.


The service needed a handy mobile app to make a delivery from more than 3000 of restaurnats from all over Russia. Client wanted us to focus on lightness and descreetness of processes.

Quick and easy meal’ choise

For quick choices of the meals on the main screen food is placed by its types, e.g. sushi, pizza, cakes, etc. For more convenient usage on iOS and Android there were native and voice searches by food types deployed.

Geolocation and food filters

To make the order as simple as possible we asks user for his location right after the app opening. To find some unique specialities by several criterias we implemented a complex filters tool.

Making orders without registration

You can place an order without registration. All you need to do is to fill the contacts on the last screen and it will be saved in the app authomatically with new account creation.

User-friendly interface

After recieving the reviews about previous versions of the service from users we created a list of improvements to make. In result current interface was significantly improved and several new animated elements were added.

Project manager
UI/UX Designer
Team lead
Ios Developer
Android developer


Collaboration between ZakaZaka and ABDesign in terms of mobile development is going on for more than 2 years. During these years we released 4 big updates and tens of small ones. Our users give the app 5-stars reviews on AppStore and in Google Market which once again proves that we developed a high quality service. I want to highlight the ABDesign team which is formed from professionals that are comfortable to work with. We were lucky to ask ABDesign for help in the past and are waiting to create more fascinating and amazing projects together in future.
Andrey Tsytsenko, CEO
The number of orders from the app is 30% higher than from a website. The percentage of mobile ordering is constantly growing.
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installiations for Android
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